_MIS171_A2-fill the template (800-1000 words )+excel work

The assignment requires that you analyse a data set, interpret, and draw conclusions from your

analysis, and then convey your conclusions in a written email. The assignment must be completed

individually and must be submitted electronically in CloudDeakin by the due date. When submitting

electronically, you must check that you have submitted the work correctly by following the

instructions provided in CloudDeakin. Hard copies or assignments submitted via email will NOT be


The assignment uses the file 2022 T1 RACV Solar Data Set A2.xlsx which can be downloaded from

CloudDeakin. The assignment focuses on materials presented up to and including Week 6.

The data set is based on actual data provided by RACV Solar. For confidentiality and anonymity

reasons actual data has been manipulated in the assessment task. Following is an introduction to this

scenario and detailed guidelines.