I need an essay which 15 minimum pages of length which analyzes about the retail industry using Michael Porter’s Five Industry Forces: Bargaining Power of Buyers, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, Threat of New Entrants, Threat of Substitute Products or Services, Rivalry Among Existing Competitors.

Dra a conclusion regarding the overall profitability of the industry based on the five-forces analysis.

Indicate your expectation of the profitability of the industry (High, Med, Low).

List AT LEAST one way that a specific information system can increase industry probability by impacting( reducing) each force below:

  • Bargaining Power of Buyers •Threat of New Entrants, Bargaining power of Suppliers, Rivalry Among Existing Competitors.
  • •The specific information system should already be in use by an existing company
  • Elaborate on your statement in detail using specific references to the real life.
  • examples.

    Find 5 newly-IPO listed companies ( in the past 10 years) in the chosen industry that use information systems to archive their competitive strategies.

    Competitive Strategies : Cost-Leader and Product differentiation. Explain in detail how each company is using a specific IS using to differentiate/ minimize cost.

    Compare the newly-IPO listed companies to the pre-existing companies with a longer history; list the disadvantages and the advantages of each newly-IPO listed companies to the pre-existing companies the industry.

    Provide references page tp list the citation sources used in this paper