In these weekly reflections, you should write/speak as much as you need to answer the question. If you write concisely, you should be able to answer them in 200-250 words written or 2-3 min spoken. But you may take longer to answer, especially because writing is a way of working through your ideas.

Part 1: Tell me a bit about yourself. What name do you go by, and how do I pronounce it? What are your preferred pronouns? (I’m Pro-fess-ur Guy-Grrr, either he/him or they/them pronouns work for me) What are your interests? What led you to take this class? Do you know what you want to do after college?

Part 2: Without doing any research or looking up any definitions, answer in your own words: what do you think it means to be ‘scientific’, what do you think it means to be ‘objective’, and what do you think ‘data’ is? There are no wrong answers here, I am interested in your first reactions.