The second stage of the project is to provide a description and analysis of the works of art included. The description should use the appropriate elements and principles of art that we covered throughout the semester. The analysis should get into the works content and meaning by deploying the appropriate mode(s). Remember that you have an overarching set of themes and concepts for the exhibition that should be also guiding the aspects you describe and the way you analyze the works. You need to include at least one image of each artwork included in the exhibition.

Tips for Part 2:

  • The modes of analysis are: Formal, Stylistic, Iconographic, Contextual, Feminist, Gender Studies, Critical Race, Psychological. Understand them before you use them!
  • You will need at least one image of each work of art for the exhibition. You will need to attribute the images appropriately. I understand that you are taking these from museum websites (or other sources), so please make sure to point me back to the sources.
  • Make sure to cite your references so that we are clear what ideas are yours and which from other sources.
  • The format of your discussion forum entry for Part 2 should look like this:
    • Describe and Analyze at least FIVE different works of art (200-300 words per art object) that are to be included in the exhibition.
    • Remember to tie each piece to the theme/concept of the show that you developed in Part 1.
    • Include at least one image of each object and don’t forget attributions for images and citations/references.