Answer the following question: What makes art making a spiritual practice?

For part one remember that I am muslim if that helps talk about the spirituality aspect.

PART 1- You are to answer this question in a 5 page paper using 4 resources using credible sources that should come from professional journal articles, books, newspaper articles, etc. Have a works sited page in mla format but it does not count to the pages required.

For part two just tell me on a separate doc what I should draw that represents what you wrote in the paper. You do not need to draw nothing for part two, Tell me what to draw!

PART 2- Aside from your paper, you are to create a work of art that exhibits your answer to the question. This artwork can be any material you deem appropriate to express/showcase your answer in action. The only requirement is that it be a minimum of 18” x 24”.