Journal Article Critique

Article Critique: Write a critique on the below article that describes a disparity within a specific population. Using APA format, write a critique of the article that is NO less than 4 pages (excluding title page and reference page). DO NOT LEAVE EXTRA SPACING BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS AND TITLES.

Article: Kullar, R., Marcelin, J. R., Swartz, T. H., Piggott, D. A., Macias Gil, R., Mathew, T. A., & Tan, T. (2020). Racial disparity of coronavirus disease 2019 in African American communities. The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 222(6), 890-893.

The paper should include:

  1. Title Page: includes paper title, student name, university, name, date
  2. Abstract: one-half page in length; the abstract briefly summarizes the article and your critique—this includes what the article is about and where you differ
  3. Introduction: a clear, concise opening including: the article (with author names, article title): the issue, purpose, or problem the article discusses; and the critical evaluation/opinion you will be presenting and defending
  4. Critique/Analysis: A thorough summary of the article’s strengths and weaknesses, restating your opinion, and presenting those opinions in more detail with back-up references to support your point of view. **
  5. Conclusion: Summary of what was stated, but in brief (Do not include new information)
  6. Reference Page: Use minimum of 3-5 references within the last 5-7 years (One reference will be your main article you are writing the critique about and other references to support the critique)

Critique/Analysis Section should include: Critical analysis, critical commentary on the strengths/weaknesses of the article, literary or other work, overall evaluation and recommendations. Analyses of a literary or other work and taking a persuasive stance on agreeing with or disagreeing with certain elements of it. Provide references to support your opinions/critique.

Some questions to focus on when writing your critique:

  • Is the title of the article appropriate and representative of its content or main emphasis?
  • Is the article clear and concise? Are there any ambiguous areas that need more clarification or reference back-up? If so, challenge them.
  • Did the author use the evidence appropriately (if there was evidence)?
  • Does the author draw logical conclusions from their evidence or references?
  • Does the author build a strong argument? Are there any gaps or questions raised when reading the article? Are there areas that need further clarification?
  • Is there other evidence that would support an opposing argument?
  • Does the author have any unintentional biases or underlying assumptions that you detect?
  • Has the author been objective?
  • Should some sections of the article be expanded, decreased, or omitted entirely?
  • Is the article and evidence/ideas it presents outdated? Is there updated evidence that presents a different view?
  • Did the author make his/her point well?