created initial film_ tables for your database;
— begun to populate them with some test data for your application;
— and, have an initial design for the app (website) for the App you were assigned.

Please put a synopsis (short summary) of your Application Design [discussion of where you are so far in planning the application] INTO THE DISCUSSION FORUM under the one of the 3 applications you are assigned to. (There is a discussion thread for each app.)
Yes, this may seem unusual. You are submitting it into a Discussion Forum that we will all see. We are acting as a big design team examining and learning from each other’s proposed designs. Once you have posted your’s, read everyone else’s as they come in and join the discussion about your topic app.

(3) While you are concentrating on the design of your assigned App, we can learn from the work going on for the other two apps as well. Please read the items and comments posted in the thread areas for the other two apps.
You MAY post questions and substantive comments in the discussions of those other 2 apps and will as your own.