8) Under what circumstances are arithmetic and geometric average growth rates equal to each other?

9) When (i.e., for what purpose) is the arithmetic average growth rate more appropriate? When is the geometric average growth rate more appropriate? Please give your intuition—no need to be overly scientific. (Points will be given for your ability to give a reasonable argument to which one is more meaningful (if any), not for whether you get it right.)

FOR Q12&13: Use to find the historical prices of shares; search for Nike, Inc. in the search field at the top of the page. For historical prices, use the Historical Data link in the ribbon under the most recent stock price.


Based on the information presented on the Yahoo! Finance page of Nike, Inc., on what stock exchange is its common stock listed? Under what ticker?

Please note that on Yahoo! Finance there are two ways to view historical prices (open, high, low, close, and adjusted close): (1) By downloading the data using the Download Data link and viewing it in Excel, or (2) By viewing the data in your browser without downloading it.

You may use either method. If you use method (1), please round the adjusted close prices, when using them, to two decimal points. That way they will be consistent with the already rounded adjusted close prices reported through the web interface.


List the adjusted closing stock prices of Nike at the end of each fiscal year from 2017 to 2021. Bear in mind that the fiscal year of Nike ends on May 31st for each year. (The adjusted closing stock prices are adjusted for dividends and stock splits.)