Hello I have an extra credit assignment, all the instructions are below :

For 24 hours (minimum of 1 hour is a must but max of 24 hours if possible), avoid using your mobile device and/or computer for ANY communication or accessing ANY online information – that means nothing you need WiFi or Data to use! That INCLUDES texting, googling, webMD, Online bill pay, youtube, snapchat, instagram, TikTok or any social media, ect. You might consider notifying you friends and family that you will be unavailable during this period in preparation for your digital pause. I would also consider the day you choose so that it best meets your schedule (well, as best as possible) – NO CHEATING!

Write a 1-2 page account of your experience. Consider including discussion about the following:

1. How you felt going without communication (anxiety, relief, stress, peace, ect.)

2. How you felt going without access to digital information (empowered, helpless, out of the loop, ect.)

3. How you think going without access to digital information impacts your quality of life, productivity, and/or routine.

4. Based on your experience, give two or three recommendations for how professionals should go about handling digital communication and information.

Make sure you try your hardest to last as long as possible without using your mobile device or accessing digital information of any kind for AT LEAST an hour minimum. The longer the better! If you go to use it and catch yourself, jot down what you were going to use it for and what you did instead. If you accidentally use it, rat yourself out in your write up and tell me what you used it for and why.