Microprocessors and Lab

Project Description

Cash Register

Objectives: In this design project you are required to design a C program on the Dragon12 board to simulate a cashier register stand at a boba shop.

Input and Output:

  • Input occurs via the keypad (0 – 15) and the 4 push buttons (SW2-SW5).
  • Displays on LCD, 7-segment LEDs, and 8 small LEDs.
  • Timer
  • Buzzer
  • Each Message on the LCD screen or seven segment digits should be on for 3 seconds before clearing off.
  • Project Procedure:

  • Step 1: LCD should display “Scan me”
  • Step 2: Enter the snack or drink number. For example (mango smoothie-7). You can preprogram a list of snack or drink numbers. If the number is in valid or not present, display “Invalid number”, then go back to Step 1. Buzzer will sound.
  • Step 3: Display the name of items being scanned on LCD and its price on 7 segment LEDs. If SW3 is pressed, go to Step 4. Otherwise, the program should go back to Step 1 after 5 seconds.
  • Step 4: Check if customer purchases are under the special reward (buy 3 get 1 free). LCD should display “Discount time”. Enter the number of drinks through keypad and display it on LCD. The most drinks a customer can buy is 8 on the same day. If the number of drinks is more than that. LCD should display “Not eligible”. The total price of the purchase should be calculated and displayed on the 7 segment LEDs.
  • Step 5: After scanning item, LCD should display “anything else?”. Press SW2 to move on for customer to pay. Press SW3 to go back to Step 1 to order more.
  • Step 6: LCD should display “Thank you”.
  • After 5 seconds, go back to Step1.