or this assignment, students are required to submit their thoughts on the case study in a blog form. The blog should consist of the following

Respond to the following questions

Note: Copy the question and write your response below it

  1. Why is J & J committed to improving employee wellness?
  2. Assess the mix of wellness programs that J & J offers and how J & J employees respond.
  3. How cost-effective are J & J’s employee wellness programs?
  4. As of 2014, what challenges does J & J still face in advancing its wellness goals?

After reading the case and responding to the questions in the Case Study Blog, students are required to do the following:

Part 1: Ask one question pertaining to the case for other students to respond

Part 2: Respond to two of the questions:

Do you feel that this initiative is a positive action or do you feel that it is intrusive into an employee’s personal life?

With the current climate of the workforce and labor market in mind, do you foresee more organization’s taking steps in prioritizing and implementing health and well-being programs to entice their employees like J&J has done? Why or why not?