There are two parts of assignments:

Assignment 1)

Post-Lab Report assignment (Experiment 6). It will not take more than one hour to complete it

You already do the pre-lab assignment (Experiment 6) for me last week. So, it’ll be easy for you to do the post-lab report. Also, I’ll upload a picture of the data and some information to complete this post-lab report assignment. I’ll upload to you the pre-lab report (Experiment 6) to check it and make it easy for you.

Please read the instructions carefully for this assignment because it’s important and make sure you do exactly what it says in the instructions and mention everything is needed on it.


Post- Lab Report (Experiment 6):


Discuss and describe substitution reactions. Only providing definitions isn’t enough. 1 pt
Describe and discuss SN1 mechanism. 1 pt
Discuss (with examples) factors affecting SN1 and SN2 reactions. 4 pts
Describe and provide a detailed mechanism (use arrow pushing) for the preparation of tertbutyl
chloride. 2 pts
Provide a potential undesired (side) reaction that can occur during the preparation of tertbutyl
chloride. 2 pts

Experimental Section

Are the steps of the experimental procedures for the preparation of tertbutyl chloride and for its
purification shown in a form of flow chart? 1 pt
Are the procedural steps for the qualitative tests of reactivity clearly shown in a form of flow
chart? 1 pt
Is the section written as the student have done in the lab video? 1 pt

Table of Chemicals

Are all chemicals used listed? 2 pts
Are all physical properties listed? 1.5 pts
Are all chemical properties listed? 1.5 pts


Is the table clearly showing the mass and percentage yield of tertbutyl chloride? 2 pts
Is the table clearly showing the color of precipitate, appearance of precipitate, and time of
precipitation in the qualitative test? 1.5 pts
Show how to calculate the percentage yield of tertbutyl chloride. 1.5 pts
Does the table show which test tubes show positive test and which show negative test? 1 ptDiscussion


the yield of the reaction. If the % yield is less than 50%, provide a reasonable
explanation for the low yield. 2 pts
Compare and discuss the reactions observed in test tubes 14. 2 pts
Explain the observations in test tubes 14 as compared to your expectations.2 pts
Discuss the effect of structure of substrate (alkyl halide), solvent and temperature on the
reactions you observed in test tubes 14. 2 pts


Are the theoretical background and the results you got connected? If yes/no why and how? 0.5 pt
What does the experimental data reveal? 0.5 pt
Discuss how the techniques performed in this experiment can be applied to other situations? 0.5
Did the experiment accomplish what it set out to do? 0.5 pt


3 References 1 pt
Proper citations 1 pt
Overall Format
Are all sections labeled? 1 pt
Are proper font and spacing as shown in the lab manual used? 1 pt
Is proper scientific language used? Is overall format attractive? 1 pt

Assignment 2)

Pre-Lab Report (Experiment 7)

Very simple assignment, please read the instructions carefully to know what you should do.

This assignment is very easy, and it will not take more than half-hour to complete it after you watch the video to know what you need to do. So please try your best to do it.

I posted a link for the video; you have to watch the video carefully to get all information needed in the pre-lab assignment. Please don’t forget to collect the data when you watch the video if it’s required.

Also, please make sure you follow the pre-lab rubric file I’ve uploaded here. In addition, please make sure you write your own words when you fill the information in the pre-lab assignment.

If there is anything you need for this assignment or you don’t understand something in the instructions, please feel free to ask me.

This is the link for the video:

I post the link for the video, and I think now you can watch the video it doesn’t open with you please let me know. Please don’t forget to follow the pre-lab rubric.