NOTE pretend that you do not have a prior knowledge with the Chinese language cuz I do not.

Also pick the words from the file that I will provide you below.

I will provide you a sample papers of the assignment.

Pick the words from the readings that I will provide below.

Hi everyone,

The Chinese Words assignment is created for you to better understand Chinese culture through language. Before you start, please read this article published by Asia Society about the myths and facts of Chinese language: (Links to an external site.)

This assignment contains submit a document that contain the following:

  • A list of Chinese words that you have learned from this course (please refer to the Chinese word of the day and our text book) : 5 points.
  • A short essay on how these worlds helped your learning and/or appreciation of Chinese language and culture (12 size font, double-spaced and 1 page): 15 points.

If you do not have prior learning of Chinese, please

  • Include Pinyin (the romanized Chinese alphabet) and English meaning for each word, your list must include at least 10 words or phrase
  • Comment on what new knowledge of Chinese culture that you have acquired about these words. For example, “tian shi, di li, ren he” means serendipitous intersection of time, place and people, is there a similar concept in your native language? What have you learned from this phrase.