Hello,I need help with a paper I have to write by May 3. I will be taping a interview about the what issues covid caused in a a person life. I will be asking questions and then I need a paper (5-7 pages) saying what I could have don’t better. It doesn’t have to match my interview really since we are critiqueing ourselves. Please tell me if this is something you can assist me with this

Subject: Client experience of class pre-determined topic – impact of COVID -19

Format: 20-30 minutes of a video interview of you, the counselor, utilizing the material from chapters 1 through 8 in Ivey & Ivey to facilitate client exploration of the experience, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and consequences of this event to their life made on your phone or other device.

Informed Consent: The interview is to begin with recognition of the taping process and a closed question asking client permission and consent to the videotaping of the interview.

Camera Position: The camera is to be positioned to best observe the interviewer. The client should be in the picture but the primary focus is on you the counselor so as to best observe your technique, style, and processes that elicit information, establish rapport, convey empathetic understanding, and promote the therapeutic relationship.

Technique: Utilize as many of the attending, listening, and questioning skills as you can within the session. Mix them up and work as naturally as possible in this setting. Do not be concerned with getting things right but do be concerned with establishing connection with your client.

Write-up: The final write up is a personal analysis of what, where, and how you were effective AND what, where, and how you could have done things different or utilized other techniques to better connect and facilitate more effective communication with your client. This is a critical self analysis to identify both your strengths and areas that can be improved. Be specific and write about your actions and techniques visible on the tape. Comment on the effectiveness OR propose a concrete example of what you could have done different. The write up is to be 5 – 7 typewritten pages (double-spaced and font size #12 & does not include the cover or reference pages) with your name, course name, and course number, and institution on a cover page.