1. Please read Chapter 7: Pedagogical differences between media

2. Please review the following: (Links to an external site.)

3. Visit the following website to learn about and see examples of Web 2.0 applications and how Web 2.0 is utilized in the classroom:

Compare and contrast an online class and face-to-face class. Do you believe there are different skills and considerations involved? How do the roles of the teachers and students differ?

For this assignment, include 5 characteristics of online classes, 5 characteristics of face-to-face classes, and 4 similarities between them.

You are free to choose the method of completion for this assignment: a report, a graphic organizer, Venn Diagram, or a PowerPoint presentation. If you think of some other format you would like to use that is not listed here, please be sure to check with me first.

There is an optional Venn Diagram template that you can use to complete this assignment: PowerPoint Template

*This assignment will be included in your final portfolio submission so please use correct spelling and grammar.