Create a Union table comparing average weekly earnings of production and nonsupervisory employees between annual_16 and january_17 using the data type 30. Round to the nearest penny. You should have a column for the average earnings and a column for the year, and the period.

I have
SELECT ROUND (annual_2016.value,2) AS “Average Earning”, annual_2016.year AS year, annual_2016.period AS period
FROM annual_2016
INNER JOIN series ON series.series_id = annual_2016.series_id
WHERE data_type_code = 30
Select ROUND (january_2017.value,2) AS “Average Earning”, january_2017.year AS year, january_2017.period AS period
FROM january_2017
INNER JOIN series ON series.series_id = january_2017.series_id
WHERE data_type_code = 30

my feedback was : this prompt is looking for the overall average comparison, so there should be some additional aggregate functions (just one for each table you’re unioning) & a group by, and you should then end up with just two rows of the overall averages to compare