Required Assignment Activity & Prompts:

Answer the following questions in an essay or power point slides: All the questions have to be addressed!

  1. Listen to the following podcast episode The Heumann Perspective: What’s Next? Teaching and Learning Disability Justice with Lydia X.Z. Brown
    (Links to an external site.)
    (Listen for conversations of structural ableism that address how disabled people are systematically denied power and control over their lives.)
  2. Where in your own life do you hold the most power? Explain.
  3. Where in your life do you feel like you do not hold power? Why?
  4. How do power structures/dynamics affect the disability community? Think about what we’ve discussed in this course.
  5. How do current power structures/dynamics drive the disability justice movement?
  6. Reflect on the podcast episode of The Heumann Perspective. Where does it seem that Lydia (and Judy) hold the most power? And where do they and the group they represent (disabled people) not hold power?
  7. What solutions are presented that would facilitate equitable access to power?
  8. What next steps can you and other members of society take in order to support those solutions?
  9. In your opinion, why are the 10 Principles of Disability Justice (Links to an external site.) important to the disability community and its relationship to power?

Part of this assignment is adapted from Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution – Power & Disability Justice Lesson Plans.