Space experiment:

  1. Spend more time with CAConrad’s poetry and notice what they are doing with space and form. Some of their poems use justified text centered on the page. Some of them have stanzas that move back and forth or gradually shift across the page.
  2. Using your contribution to Sunday’s discussion post, make some revisions.
    Add new descriptions and images, make sure your diction aligns with the types of feelings you’re trying to convey, rearrange whole sections, erase parts that no longer serve the piece.
  3. As you’re revising, experiment with space. How should your piece move or sit on the page? Is it a big dense square of text? Is it short lines that move all over the page? How can you use space and form to help convey your feelings and thoughts?
    For example, think about the flow of your piece. Is it fast-paced, or more slow and thoughtful?

With poetry, a slower

and more thoughtful piece

might have more


between lines

to help the reader slow down

and process each line.


A fast-paced piece
might have

lines that

break and
move in the

middle of a thought or
phrase so the reader gets

pushed to

down the page.

  1. Make sure your piece has a title!