have posted the multiple DEA articles with emphasis on application.

  • The DEA articles show how DEA can be used in the real life application as a tool to calculate the efficiency of DMU. In particular, DEA is useful since it can combine both financial and non-financial metrics while many traditional accounting methods can only consider financial metrics.


  • Chose one of the articles in “Some DEA articles” folder based on the abstract and your interest. You can also find out another article of your interest if you want.
  • Choose the format of the article that you have selected including all references and citation. Otherwise you will lose points.
  • Summarize and analyze the article based on the following guideline How to critique a journal article.pdf How to critique a journal article.pdf – Alternative Formats )
  • Please make sure you emphasize your discussion on What are the contributions of the paper to the relevant literature ‘ ?
  • Submit the assignment by clicking on the link and attaching relevant file(s).