I am a dental student and I need help with writing this paper.

Please find below the guidelines and I attached the rubric as well to kinda help you during the process.

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Part one:

  • Learn what communication and relationship factors are considered necessary by patients to trust that their dentist has their best health interests at heart.
  • Relatedly what dentist behaviors contribute to patients referring family and friends to their dentist?
  • What dentist behaviors prompt a patient to end their relationship with their dentist?
  • Summary: learning points to guide my communication and relationship skills training.

Part Two:

  • interview at least 2 non-dental persons.
  • Write a 2-page summary of your 2 interviews.
  • List questions asked above and summarize what you learned and will use for patient care in the future.
  • Criteria for grading: See rubriC
  • All four questions have been answered.
  • The factors and behaviors that are described are specific.