The paper needs 1500-2000 words.

Please write the paper according to PPT content of W06 and the part of analysis based on the speaker’s presentation.

Be sure to write as required and in sample format.

The analysis section should be an in-depth analysis, not a description. Please write as required.

The following compressed documents are the speaker’s content, format requirements, and sample respectively.

1. Abstract

Write a short abstract of the report. An Abstract is different from an Introduction (5%).

2.Seminar Content

Summarize the content of the seminar and its key messages. Note that you are not supposed to repeat word by word as to what are on the ppt (20%).

3.Analysis & Discussion

Analyze and discuss the seminar content. It is important that you can give insights that you obtain through background research and/or provide personal opinions. You can also share your own experience here if it is relevant to the seminar content (45%).


Give a short conclusion of the discussions made in the report (5%).


If you use additional information from the internet or other sources in your report, list them here. Don’t forget to mention the references in the text where applicable (5%).