This assignment is worth 20 points!

Please write a minimum of 50 words per question (for a total of 250 words):

1. Based on class discussions and textbook content, explain the problems in the U.S. with drinking and driving [50 word minimum]

2. Based on a reliable internet source, state data and professional opinions supporting your claims regarding drinking and driving. Include URL for internet source(s). [50 word minimum]

3. Explain the responsibilities of being a responsible party host. [50 word minimum]

4. Explain what you believe could influence individuals to make better choices. These can include, but are not limited to funding for DUI prevention programs/education, media influences, and legislation. [50 word minimum]

5. In conclusion, applying the above information, personally, what behaviors would you change? Why? How would these changes affect your current and future health outcomes? [50 word minimum)