This is the 4th part of the dissertation/project and I hope you are available to continue working with me on Results, Discussions, and Implications.

This is my dissertation title: “Information Management in disaster and humanitarian response: A case in United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The instructor said we should look into LIRN and at least three different research with a similar topic and similar methodologies.

This part also has 6 weeks with different tasks which I will be sharing as they are available.

This week’s task says:

Please share the IRB package with the Chair. Your IRB application package should include the following criteria:

  • – Working on the proposal
  • Your final Tasks in DRP 801, 802, and 803 (All completed, combined, and APA style compliant).
  • The URR-approved (and signed) application form from DRP 803.
  • Structured and unstructured interview guides, survey instruments, focus groups scripts, and other types of interview guides reviewed and approved by the URR
  • The Chair-IRB checklist (Completed and signed by you and the Chair. See below.)
  • This ethics form (Completed and signed by you. See below.)
  • ‚Ķany supporting documentation involving data collection, consent processes, and any translated documents used during the study.

Used textbook as a reference is: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY, Research Design, Qualitative Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches, 5th ed.

by John W. Creswell; J. David Creswell

Attached are part of the requirements and needed documentation.