Tabletop Exercise Development

Using the HSEEP format outlined in volumes I–III, develop a tabletop, or discussion-based, exercise. You can develop this exercise to apply to a real-world setting (i.e., your work environment or jurisdiction) or to a fictional situation. The following deliverables must be included in the exercise packet:

strategy (one- to two-page introduction describing how this exercise fits into the agency/jurisdiction/state strategic plan and the exercise cycle, describing how you determined the need for this exercise, and giving an overview of the format of the exercise)
situation manual (in HSEEP format; see Volume IV: Sample Documents and Formats)
facilitator questions (at least 10 questions)
The templates and additional guidance are provided in the classroom.



Actions Needed

Part 1: Strategy

Showcase the linkages to the agency/jurisdiction/state strategic plan and exercise cycle.
Discuss the gap this exercise will seek to fill—why the exercise is needed.
Give an overview of the format of the exercise.
Part 2: Situation Manual

Give the SMART objectives.
Describe an applicable scenario.
Define the scope and purpose.
Appropriately use the template.
Part 3: Facilitator Questions

List at least 10 questions that would facilitate discussion to meet the objectives.

4pages in total