Using Rule consequentialism to evaluate:Coronavirus Crisis: Walmart to Pay $550 Million in Bonuses

Rule consequentialism holds that the rightness of an act depends not on the goodness of its consequences, but on whether or not it is in accordance with a certain code of rules, which has been selected for its good consequences

4 page, double space

1. An introductory paragraph in which you introduce the paper, explain what you will do in the paper, and state a thesis.

2. A case description of the business ethics controversy you will evaluate. You may (but need not) supplement our course readings with 2-3 sources, such as periodical articles, on your topic.

3. An ethical evaluation in which you use your ethical theory to explain what would be the right thing to do in the case.

4. An objection to the ethical evaluation.

5. A defense of the ethical evaluation responding to the objection.

6. A discussion of which position is better, the original ethical evaluation or the objection. Provide a reason that supports your preference.

7. A concluding paragraph that summarizes what you have done in the paper and provides any additional relevant discussion.