it is a video essay, and you don’t need to make a video for me, just write the essay, about 1000 words, and clips I will tell you

there are two films

one is Chapave , the other is Burnt by the Sun,

the essay is about these two films difference, and In your intro you should discuss basic facts about the two films. Who made it? When? Where? Why? Think about the idea of production context that we have be considering all quarter. Make sure you consider the historical timeline. You might consider whether this film is subversive or not to communism. Is there transnational influence? Why might it be? Why is it not? You should have a a thesis in your introduction.

essay will include both a visual and a thematic analysis of two films. There are two different options outlined above. Socialist Realism? Is there transnational influence? Is it not? How does this help prove your thesis? Is it in color or black and white? Lightening? Sound? Camera work? How do these visual elements help prove your thesis?

and you also need at least 5 resourses to support it, MLA format