Deliverable 2 – Diverse Patient Perspectives

Assignment Content

  1. Competency

    Identify patient treatment preferences and effectively communicate treatment options.

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    Rasmussen United Medical Center is located in a multicultural city and treats patients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Because of the diversity of patients, a variety of language skills, including nonverbal communication, are involved in creating treatment plans. To provide the best medical care to the patients at Rasmussen United Medical Center, the owners have decided to purchase a linguistic/translator program. With the implementation of this new program, the delivery of healthcare to patients will be enhanced, specifically to those with limited English proficiency and those that are nonverbal.


    To overcome language barriers at Rasmussen United Medical Center and to ensure the best and most efficient medical care is provided, the owner has asked you, the lead Medical Assistant, to assist him with researching the right linguistic/translator program for the clinic.Select a linguistic/translator program and create a short (3-5 minute) PowerPoint presentation (with voice narration ‘or’ speaker notes) on the features and use of the program. See the resources section for a few options for a linguistic/translator.
    Include the following points in the presentation:

    • Title Slide
    • Introduction Slide
    • Background on the importance of diversity in healthcare
    • Explain how a linguistic/translator program helps to effectively communicate treatment options to patients with diverse backgrounds
    • Share details of the program and the common goal
    • Describe how the selected program works
    • Share the benefits of the selected program
    • Compare how this program differs from other programs
    • Conclusion Slide
    • Briefly summarize your selected choice and the importance of linguistic/translator programs
    • Include a reference slide (in APA format)
    • Remember you must include voiceover narration ‘or’ speaker notes for all slides (except references)

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