Teams of 2 or more will select one film from this list to watch-Frost Nixon or Wall Street, or teams can select a film of their choice that involves ethical issues. Teams that select films not on the list must be approved by the professor.

View the film and analyze the ethical issues using the ethical decision making framework in the text.

Answer the following questions about the film:

1. In viewing film, go through the decision making model on pages 90-91 from Hartman, L. P., DesJardins, J., & MacDonald, C. (2021). Business ethics: Decision making for personal integrity and social responsibility, (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Education. 9781260260496. Address the questions 1-5 as background. Within the responses you must include a minimum of 5 ethical concepts from the textbook and a minimum of 3 outside sources to supplement your responses demonstrating your understanding of ethical theory. The inclusion of this content must be documented with APA citations and a References page.

2. From the ethical principles-tenets listed below, identify core values you saw violated in the film. 3.

What specific leadership and followership ethics lessons did you take from each film?

The six themes are:

1. Followership
2. Abuse of Power
3. Moral Decision Making
4. Altruism
5. Greed

See attached example Film Analysis: