The FINAL DRAFT of the Prospectus should be at least 1000 to a maximum of 1200 words (about 3 to 4 typed double-spaced pages), in MLA format (Times New Roman font size 12, double-spaced, one inch margins, with header and page numbers) and submitted here as a file (NO LINKS OR PAGES FILES). You must submit your final draft as either a Word doc or Google Doc saved as a PDF.

THIS SUBMISSION WILL BE SUBMITTED THROUGH TURNITIN which is a tool that checks for plagiarism. Make sure you cite all of your quotes or paraphrases in the BODY OF YOUR ESSAY (this is called an in-text citation. It does not matter if you forget or if it is intentional – it is still considered plagiarism. If you are unsure of how to cite your sources in-text, please let me know via email at or send your draft to the Writing Center either online or in person.

See the Purdue Owl for MLA format Sample Paper (Links to an external site.)<link and for Citing in-text sources (Links to an external site.)<link

Essay Guidelines:

This assignment forms the basis for your Research Project and should have given you sources to develop your thesis for the final Research Project. The research you found for the Prospectus will be the main sources of information to help guide and build your Research Project outline and Multimodal essay. For the Final Draft of the Prospectus, you should have all of the subheadings listed which include:

  • The Introduction – details the topic you are examining and then asks a research question at the end – This research will ask _______
  • Benefits for Audience – should identify a SPECIFIC audience – not just everyone or people – may include several communities.
  • Basis for Research – should NOT be about why the research is important to ANYONE OTHER THAN YOU – state why YOU chose this topic and why YOU are interested in pursuing this research.
  • Reviews of Research – includes 4 fully reviewed scholarly sources 3 should be from TWU database. Should follow this outline for each review:
    1. Should state the author, title, and BRIEFLY summarize the source in a sentence or two.
    2. Should state the main argument made by the author.
    3. Should find a clear example of logos or ethos or pathos, and state how this appeal supports the author’s argument.
    4. Finally, you need to state HOW THIS SOURCE WILL HELP YOU SUPPORT YOUR RESEARCH PROJECT – is it background information? Does it help answer your research question? You must state how each source is beneficial to your Research Project in some way.
  • Works Cited – has all sources cited according to MLA guidelines

If in doubt about any of these guidelines, go back and look at the Week 9 Download Week 9Prospectus Sample Download Prospectus Sample<link. Also see the Prospectus Rubric<link .

Sources for the Prospectus

THREE SOURCES SHOULD BE FROM THE TWU database or Google Scholar. The first three sources should have authors, titles, and page numbers to refer to when you cite these sources later in your Research Project. For the Prospectus, you may use ONE WEBSITE OR INTERNET SOURCE only for this assignment, and it must be a, or dot. org. or DOT.COMS. I want you to get experience locating sources that are considered scholarly and credible for this assignment (I may allow you other types of sources in your Research Project later, but only if you discuss them with me first).

For this first assignment, the Prospectus, I am going to require that you only use only the following search engines for 3 of your sources: