Hi, I need help with this paper, instructions below : I will also send my notes from class that is mentioned in the assignment. Thank you.

This assignment takes your current leadership knowledge and kicks it up a notch (thank you for that line, Emril). You are to synthesize the leadership theories we have covered in class and then create your own leadership theory or model. Take pieces of theories we have covered and combine them to make a coherent model which captures your thoughts on leadership. Feel free to add new pieces, which aid in the conceptualization of leadership. Remember, some of the best models (Blake and Mouton) have come from redesigning the same idea (Ohio State & University of Michigan). Headings for this paper are:


-Leadership theories/models included in your new model (synthesis summary…make sure to cite)

-New model (make sure to cite used theories)

-How people can use your model to lead more effectively

FORMAT: Because this is a ā€œCā€ course, we expect high quality writing. This paper must be grammatically correct as well as all sources (you must have at least one scholarly source) cited by APA standards. You must also create a pictorial representation of your model and integrate ot into your paper (must not exceed 1/2 a page). This paper must be 3-4 pages in length. APA format (cover sheet, 1 inch margins, 12 pt new roman font, double spaced) is mandatory