Frida Kahlo 1907-1954

Create the photograph as per the directions in the PDF presentation. You do NOT have to use one of the artworks in the presentation, you only need to be able to verify that whatever artwork you choose, it is actually one that was made BY your assigned artist–remember( MY ASSIGNED ARTIST IS Frida Kahlo 1907-1954 ): the internet is an unreliable source, so verify your image by actually visiting the site and locating the citation of artist name, title of work, year, etc. DO NOT use a portrait OF the artist as your choice unless you can verify that it is a SELF portrait. The photographs of the artist that are in the presentation are for reference, not to use as the subject of your photo. The exception to this rule is a) portraits of Georgia O’keeffe taken by Stieglitz, as she was artistically involved in making them b) Louise Bourgeois images where she is wearing a costume SHE designed (they look like wearable soft sculptures). Funny pictures of Bourgeois wearing silly hats or making faces are NOT usable as subjects. You can also, of course, use a Bourgeois sculpture, drawing or installation as your subject as well, or a Georgia O’Keeffe painting–these are IMO more challenging subjects anyway.

Lots of people have dressed up as sculptures or found ways to make self-portraits as non-objective or abstract paintings: think outside the box!

4) Upload to this assignment portal 1) JPG of your photo, 2) a JPG of a photo of the artwork you used as a source, and 3) type the name of the reference artwork, medium and one NEW fact (not in any of the course materials, including my presentations or the text) about the artist you were assigned in the comment section of the submission portal. This is the entire assignment–there is no paper.

5: Project points: originality,ingenuity with props and costumes (using day to day things in a creative way) , unique and informative facts. creative effort and finish–finish included not having a lot of personal items and mess in the background of the photo. You can make this in your house or apartment but make an effort to create an illusion that this is really a painting or sculpture, not just you standing in your kitchen with the cat, a garbage can, your backpack, a case of pop etc. in the background.