Photo Journal Project

You have the opportunity to develop a photo journal designed to illustrate how gender shapes and

is shaped by our social world.

Your task is to take at least 5 photographs that you believe illustrate one of the concepts we have

discussed in class

and explain the connection

. These photos must be original (you must take the

photos yourself) but can be taken with phones, digital cameras, disposable cameras, or any other

camera you have available. However you get the photographs from

the camera to the photo journal

is up to you.


rovide a 1

2 page (not including the photo) explanation

for each photograph

for why you believe it

illustrates a class concept.

They do not all have to illustrate the same concept so feel free to be as


ve as you want.

Briefly explain th

e concept you are illustrating m

aking sure to cite the


uthor(s) who theorized about it,

and then explain how your photograph connects to it. Pretend as

though you are writing this for an audience who has never heard of th

e concept before. Avoid using

direct quotes and paraphrase where you can, this will help illustrate that you fully understand the

concept you are discussing