Update 1MASS_Scrum_Sprint_5.xlsx has been added below with extensive new optional bonus features – “optional” means you will NOT be penalized at all if you choose not to implement any bonus features. A “Bonus Sprint Backlog” tab has been added to the Scrum spreadsheet to aid you in planning any bonus work you choose to do. I neglected to add “Finished in Bonus Sprint” to the Status column, so you’ll need to either add that or just use Sprint 5 (sorry). If you have questions on what I expect your implementation to do for these features, let me know.

Please put bonus work in cse1325/P13 with the Scrum spreadsheet at cse1325/P13/docs. If you do no bonus work, simply don’t create the P13 subdirectory.

You must complete P11 to be eligible for bonus features, and bonus features must be based on your P11 solution and not the P11 suggested solution.

These bonus features will not be cloned and graded until 8 am sharp on Tuesday, May 3 to provide you with additional implementation time – no extensions can be given, as always. This schedule allowance does NOT affect the due dates for P11 or P12, which remain as stated.

Update 2 – The original UML showed Shelter returning a ListIterator<Animal> from the adoptions.keySet(). As I’m sure every student is aware, a Set has an Iterator, but not a ListIterator. The correct return type is now shown in the UML below. The Scrum spreadsheet has also been updated to properly support the Bonus sprint – please update if you plan to do bonus work for this project.

Sprint 5 of 5

Welcome to the last Sprint of our Mav’s Animal Shelter Software (MASS) project! Maybe. Let’s discuss next class.

In Sprint 1 we created the model – the non-GUI portion. In Sprint 2, we created a very basic GUI with a main window and some JOptionPane dialogs. In Sprint 3, we added the ability to create a new shelter, save it to the current or a newly selected filename, and load it from a selected filename. In Sprint 4, you added Clients and a third animal type, supported by a generic dialog and a newAnimal method. If you are unhappy with your Sprint 4 code, you may ask me about adopting the suggested solution BUT you will be required to acknowledge this in your Help > About dialog box.

For Sprint 5, we will add the key feature – joining an animal to a client for adoption into a forever home! In addition, we’ll switch from pairs of methods (numSomething and getSomething(int index)) to the simpler somethingListIterator.

This is a class diagram for P11 / Sprint 5. You are allowed to make modest changes to this diagram for your implementation, but be careful to implement all of the core requirements in the Scrum spreadsheet and the PDF document.