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  • Please read the information below:

  • Make a plan to interview at least 4 people who could be potential customers of your product. The interviews would be approximately 60 minutes.Shape your planWho will you interview, why did you choose them, where and when did the interview take place, and how did you find them? What questions will you ask? Try to outline areas of inquiry you intend to probe? (this will come from the questions you listed in IA4)Make sure to focus on “why” and “feelings.”Get out and interview Unpack the needfinding data by using the empathy map method and identify surprises, contradictions, tensions – and things that intrigue you!
    1. Do not interview BMCC students – try to get off campus!
    2. Can you observe your potential customers in these days of social distancing – would they allow you to have a zoom or Whatsapp conversation while they are eating food? The setting gives you a lot of clues about the problems they face.
    3. Remember that the more creative you are in accessing these contexts, the more unique and valuable insights you are likely to discover. You are not looking for solutions yet: focus on user needs and goals only. An example of a need might be “Sometimes when Scott takes the Caltrain home, there is no room for his bike and he has to wait for the next one. Scott needs a way to plan what train to take based on how much room is available in the bike car”. It is helpful to use to phrases “needs a way to” or “needs to be able to” as you list your user needs.
    4. During the observation/interview, take detailed notes and use digital photographs or sketches to document activities, but do not use a video camera.

    The quadrants above are broken up into four components.

    • SAY: What are some quotes and defining words your user said?
    • DO: What actions and behaviors did you notice?
    • THINK: What might your user be thinking? What does this tell you about his or her beliefs?
    • FEEL: What emotions might your subject be feeling?

    DeliverablesYour MT exam will be created as a PowerPoint Presentation that is due on Sunday. Save the PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF document. The reason is Blackboard can read PDF or Word documents but it cannot read other types of documents. Upload the PDF via the link provided. [See the model paper from last semester attached to this assignment] Presentation GuidelinesNote that you should use images liberally and keep the text on the slides relatively brief (use large fonts – no less than 20 pt).Suggested Organization

    • Introduction (1 slide)
      • What is the problem that you are trying to solve
    • Need finding Methodology (3-4 slides, include images)
      • Make sure you say who your participants were, why chosen, how they were recruited, and where they were interviewed
      • What did you ask?
    • Interview Results (3-4 slides)
      • Discussion of results, pictures, quotes, and surprises you gleaned from your interviews
    • Analysis (2-3 slides)
      • Inferences, conclusions, or questions you might have about your results
      • Empathy Map with highlighted components of what you found important/interesting
      • Initial assessment of “needs” and “insights”
    • Summary (1 slide)

    Grading Criteria ____ User group reach (diversity – extreme users/average users/non-users, innovativeness, appropriateness) (10 points) ____Depth of the interviews (10 points) ____Number of interviews (30 points) – at least 4 interviews ____What did you learn that you did not know before (20 points) ____Identification of tensions, contradictions, surprises in the interviews (20 points)___ Presentation clarity (10 points)___ Presentation format (10 points) (12 slides at most – font size of 16; not more than 5 lines in each slide and not more than 8 words in each line; pictures of interviewees or of setting)

Please provide presenter notes