The second research paper is focusing on your understanding of market environments for international marketers. When companies planning to do business in foreign countries, it is extremely important to understand the market environments where they will being doing business. So your research will focus on understanding the country you are assigned. According to the research assignment, the paper will cover the following areas of Economic Environment, Political Environment, Social and Cultural Environment, and Market and Industry Environment.

You are required to use the link provided in the research assignment sheet, which is the World Factbook by CIA. This source will provide all the necessary information for you to understand the market environment of the country assigned to you.

As an guide line, you should use the power point slides we used in our previous classes regarding a country’s economic, political/legal/regulatory, social/cultural environment. These slides provide the key areas you will be looking into when study the World Factbook, more specifically, the following areas should be studied: Introduction, People and Society, Government, Economy, Communication, and Transportation. Use the pow points slides as your reference regarding the specific discussion points.

The CIA’s website is your main source of information, however, if you find it necessary to use the US-ITA for trading information, you may use it as the second source of information. Again, no other sources will be used for this research paper.

for this assignment you are to do assignment 2

you are only allowed to use the links that are provided on the assignment no other sources.