Write up a summary of the goals you presented in the Internship Overview

Assignment and/or paperwork submitted to sign up for the internship. 1. Restate each

internship and personal goal 2. Define how each was or was not met.

a. If the goal was met what was learned from the experience.

b. If the goal was not met what prevented it.

3. This part should be a minimum of 800 -1000 words or at least 2 pages in length.

Internship Goal #1

Familiarize myself with the POS system and learn the evaluation of customers’ checks, submission of orders to the kitchen department, and enhancement of excellent customer satisfaction.

#Learning from my co-workers and if I have any question I can ask my manager for help then familiarize with the POS system.

Internship Goal #2

Improve my customer service skills and oral communication skills.

#Using my former work experience while communicating with the customers and learning from my co-worker about how to enhance the customer service skills. When I’m free I’ll be reading the eBook I purchased. I think this is also an effective way to help me.

Internship Goal #3 Apply higher order thinking skills to “real world”

#Using my critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, problem solving ability to solve the problem in a real working environment.

Personal Goal #1

Learn how to cook more Chinese cuisine. The reason I want to set this as my goal is because I have been studying in Las Vegas for four years and I hardly have a chance to be with family and enjoy a family meal together. If I can learn how to cook more Chinese cuisine then I can cook for my family when I meet them next time.

Personal Goal #2

With the experience in three different departments, I hope I can give myself a guideline about my future career. Knowing what I would be exactly doing in a different position, I’ll be more confident to choose a job I like in the future.

Personal Goal #3

Prepare a resume and a cover letter, to be used in a job search. With more work experience, I think it’s better for me to find a job after my graduation.