Interview with a Juvenile Justice Professional


For this week’s assignment contact a juvenile justice professional in the jurisdiction of your choice. This would best be a Deputy Juvenile officer or the Juvenile Officer of a county. The interview can be done by telephone or in person. Work to get responses in two areas asking these questions:

The Job

What is your title and job description?

What level of education and job experience was required for you to be hired in your position?

Are you planning on staying in your current position or do you have plans to move into another position within the juvenile justice system? Would you share why you have made either choice?

The Challenges

What are the greatest challenges you see now with the youths of your community?

What are the greatest challenges you see now with delivering effective services to youth who enter the juvenile justice system? Do you think that these challenges are nationwide?

Do you know any jurisdictions that do well in delivering services? If yours doesn’t and others do, what do you think causes the disparity?

In addition, include in your paper reflections on what you have learned in Chapter 15. Compare what you have learned in the interview with what you learned in your readings. What are the similarities and the differences?

Your assignment submission should be 2-3 pages in length and follow proper APA format and style.