1. Read the outline of a sample narrative essay posted below. This outline covers all parts of a sample narrative except for the introduction.

Your introductory paragraph MUST clearly apply one of the introductory techniques

Your introductory paragraph should be at least 7 sentences and no longer than 12 sentences in length. Remember – do not just post an outline of an introduction; you must post an entire introductory paragraph.

techniques for intro:

Broad statement


Startling statement or statistic

Here is the Sample Narrative Essay Outline of the body paragraphs and conclusion; you’ll write a full introductory paragraph:

Essay topic: My First Day Of College

A) Topic Sentence: The first incident that had occurred was that I had walked up the stairs from the subway and my shoe broke.
1) My first class was starting in ten minutes and I started to panic.
2) St. Joseph’s college is a full three blocks away from the subway.
3) I tried to fix the shoe but nothing worked, therefore I had to walk barefoot for three blocks.

B) Topic Sentence: Next, as I was approaching the building where my first class was located, I went in by backpack to take out my identification card.
1) I was unable to find my wristlet which contained my identification card and money.
2) I retraced my steps from the morning and realized that I left my wallet and student ID at home in a different bag.
3) I went into a state of panic yet again and broke down into tears as I realized I didn’t even have money to buy a new pair of shoes.

C) Topic Sentence: Next, an older man who noticed I was upset approached me.
1) I told him what had happened and he offered to give me a ride to get me a new pair of shoes, but I declined his offer because I had no money with me.
2) He offered to lend me money, which I also declined. Then he slipped money into my backpack and walked away.
3) I ran to the nearest dollar store, purchased a pair of shoes, and ran to class.

D) Conclusion:
1) My first day of college did not quite go how I had pictured for so long; however, I am able to look back today and have a good laugh.
2) I highly doubt that a lot of people can say something similar to my experience happened to them on their first day of college.
3) I’ve learned that even when everything seems to be going wrong, a way to resolve my problems usually comes just in time.