As a web designer, you are required to design a website using the different techniques and technologies that are introduced in this course. The website idea is determined by your group.

In this project, there are three main phases for creating your website: Design, marking up content using HTML, and adding style to the web pages using CSS (10 marks).

Additionally, you are required to prepare a presentation to demonstrate your work.

Each group will be allocated 10 mins for the presentation (5 Marks).

The project should be implemented by a group of three students, and the list of the group members must be sent to your respective instructor by the end of week-6 (27th Feb. 2022)

There are different requirements for each phase in this project:

Design Phase:

Overall site Goal.

Who is the site for?

What do they expect to find or do there?

Wireframe and sitemap creation.

Markup Phase:

Use at least 10 different HTML Web elements (paragraphs, headings, images, lists, tables, forms …)

Navigation: Links should be clear and located in the same area on each page. All links should be functional

Styling Phase:

Define styles for your web pages using CSS, including the design, layout, colors, fonts…etc.

Website should clearly demonstrates design principles: with consistent alignment, proximity, repetition, contrast …etc.

Important Notes:

The number of students in each group: minimum 3, maximum 4

The number of Web pages must be at least 8

Use the same theme across the website

Use correct HTML and CSS syntax

Add Navigation menu to all pages (appear at the same area in all pages)

Each student/group has to prepare


a.Students must use the same file (IT404_Project.docx) to prepare their answers.

b.For the design part, students must identify the tool or application that is used in developing the wireframe diagrams and site diagram (Photoshop or Illustrator…etc.)

c.For each part of the project (HTML and CSS) students must:

i. copy and paste the website code

ii.add screenshots of the output with a brief explication of each functionality of the web application.

d.Prepare a PDF version of this file. contains all the files of the project (Design, HTML and CSS).

3.IT404_Project Presentation: shows all the required phases in the project and display a Demo for the website on the browser.

Student will upload: