Find the 2020 financial statements for Target and Tiffany and Co. either on the website or the Investor Relations sections of the company’s websites. The 10 K for Target is attached in the file, and the 10k for Tiffany is in this website


1. Calculate the debt to equity ratio for Target and Tiffany. Which company is the riskiest, based on this measure?

2. Assuming the debt ratio for Coca-Cola is 2.76 and Pepsi is 5.62. Which industry has a higher debt ratio, retail, or beverages?

3. Calculate the return on assets for Target and Tiffany. Which company appears more profitable?

4. If compared to the return on assets of Coca-Cola, which is 7.4% and Pepsi is 8.9% do you notice any industry differences?

5. Do you think Tiffany and Target should be considered to be in the same industry? Why or why not? Use ratios to justify your answer.