This lab should expand your conceptual understanding of electromagnetism and
electromagnetic phenomena. After reviewing the background materials you will write detailed
conceptual explanations of specific applications. Sample explanations of electromagnetic
applications are included in the background materials. You will write your explanations in a
Word document and submit them to this assignment in Canvas.
Background Materials: Start by reviewing the material in your textbook pertaining to magnetic
fields, forces, and electromagnetic induction. Then click through the list of background links
below to help you visualize the concepts. These sites will have written information to read as
well as simulations to watch and/or interact with.
Application Videos: The last two links are videos of science demos with limited included
explanations. Your task is to watch these videos and explain conceptually what occurs in the
simulation/video. You can use the background simulations’ written explanations as a style
guide. Write the explanation as if you were the content expert – use the correct terminology –
and explain the occurrence fully in terms of fields, currents, forces, changing flux, etc. including
relative directional information. In your submitted work, each explanation should include a
title with the name of the video, describe the video as well as the physical explanation for the
occurrence, and be around 400 words.