***Sorry for late study assignment but I originally intended on doing it myself. Please use APA style for citations, ex: (Smith, 1994) or for direct quotes, According to Smith (1994), “quoted passage” (p. 237). Please do not refer to police officers as “Cops”, the term is frown upon, use police officers or law enforcement officers. This assignment is not significantly long in length (650 words total- discussion 1 is 300 words and discussion 2 is 350 words). Dont worry about a title page. Sources have been provided, but additional scholarly sources are welcomed. Note for discussion 2, you are just providing a transcript/speaking notes (still use APA as the transcript will be submitted), I of course will use the transcript to complete the video portion.***********************start instructions here……………Discussion 1: An Ethical Failure in leadership The Oakland Police Department was rocked by the 2015 allegations made by a 19-year-old teen prostitute in which the young woman alleged several encounters with Oakland Officers, among others, while she was underage. She reported that she has engaged in sexual encounters with a number of officers, some of which were paid and some in exchange for information on planned police activities. Seven officers were eventually charged criminally and the agency famously went through three Chiefs in nine days before the Mayor put a civilian administrator in place pending the search for a new chief from outside the agency. Oakland was an agency already struggling with issues and had been under a consent decree that mandated a federal monitor for the 12 years prior to this issue coming to light.

Review the required reading about the Oakland scandal and reflect on all the other materials in this class regarding the influence of ethical leadership on an organization. Examine the influence the organizational cultural and leadership of the police chief may have had on the conduct of these officers. Is there a correlation? What might have been done (if anything) to prevent the type of organizational culture in which this could happen?………………………………………………………………………………………………………start instructions here Discussion 2: Reflection Video (speaking notes)….. o complete this assignment, you will be recording a video through the video function in Canvas. Create a three- to five-minute video blog via the video feature in the Canvas discussion board. The video feature in Canvas is accessible on the tool bar in the discussion forum. See the Canvas Video Tool Job Aid (Links to an external site.) for assistance. This discussion is an opportunity to reflect on your learning from this course and engage in a closing conversation about the course with your instructor and class peers. Now, as we are wrapping up this class, take the time to reflect on learning from the course as you prepare for the next steps in your educational journey. More than a mere reaction, this discussion calls on you to think deeply about your learning and to describe that thinking for the class thoughtfully. It is recommended that you create a script and/or speaker’s notes to ensure that your video covers all the topics and meets the time requirements. This will also allow you to practice your presentation prior to recording it. In addition, attaching your notes to the post will assist students that have constraints that do not allow them access to the video.

Create your initial post to include the following items:

  • Describe what you learned about the traits of responsible and moral law enforcement leaders.
  • Describe what you learned about creating an ethical environment in law enforcement.
  • Describe what you learned about the influence of leadership on ethical lapses and police corruption.
  • Discuss what you learned about leadership and motivation theories in relation to minimizing the causes of misconduct and maximizing ethical performance.