Intercultural Memo

Here are a few practical reminders for the Intercultural Memo workshop:

a. Read like someone who grew up in an Asian culture.

b. Too direct? Too individualist? Too much info? Building respect? Honoring legacy?

Para. 1:

  1. Nothing awkward or offensive in opening paragraph?
  2. Seeks to find common ground?
  3. Shows a basic understanding of regional happenings?

Para 2:

Identifies problem

Is not too demanding

Is indirect in blame

Mainly focuses on positives, past or present

Para 3:

Similar to para 3, more solution based

Discusses success of your own organization

Para 4:

Subtly suggests further contact, meeting, aid





Letter of Complaint (problem, solution, and tone)

  • 4 paragraphs?
  • Intro that describes the problem?
  • Is the relationship between the author and receive of letter clear?
  • Enough background to understand problem without overwhelming the reader
    • Are background details pertinent to understand the problem of solution


  • Is a “do-able” solution offered?


  • You-attitude? (positive tone, why solving problem helps the reader, not just you)
  • Clear, readable sentences–one idea per sentence? Active sentences when possible?
  • Effective topic sentences that relate to problem or solution, or clarification of important point?
  • Don’t “bury” the problem of solution!! Are the most important ideas at the beginning or end of the paragraph (not buried in the middle)?
  • Has the author made themselves easy to contact?
  • If the problem is a social problem, has the author made the problem local, human, and immediate, so the problem seems to effect lives close by and is worth solving?f
  • editing and adding more info on what i have writing