My most important requirement is someone who is not busy and therefore could read a lot about my topic and spend time focusing on my work. I am always open to any suggestions or changes and would willingly make appropriate changes. The person who is willing to help me should have the following skills:

  • An excellent English speaker and writer and an expert on analysis design.
  • Someone familiar with the Search Engine Optimization SEO on YouTube and how the educational system works there.
  • Someone who has had access to and the ability to find academic journals appropriate to the topic.
  • A person who is very good at writing strong and knowledge-based papers of appropriate length.
  • I am looking for someone with critical and analytical thinking which also has good explanation skills
  • Great writing skills and the ability to use various recourses
  • Used and familiar with APA citation format 7th edition. Must use APA citation format 7th.
  • Note:

    Sorry for the extended talk; I want you to know that I am looking for free plagiarism work and high quality. I use two plagiarism detection tools on the Internet, Grammarly and Turnitin. So if I see any content without citation and reference will ask for cancellation immediately and have no chance to redo it. Of course, I will provide a report to show you where you plagiarised.

    I have no limited number of pages, but you are responsible for answering and covering all these instructions.

    I estimated that not less than approximately 30-35 pages without references.

    I do have a Literature Review Map for the following. Each article or journal is in separate paragraphs.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to incorporating web reflection into the search results of YouTube’s browser. Search engine optimization is a way to get online traffic to the unrestricted, organic, editorial, and natural consequences of searches on the YouTube platform. Search engine optimization is also a tactic used to make a website appear in the top search results of the YouTube browser.

    This paper explains how you can make your YouTube page among the best-listed web pages appear on the search engine by increasing the PageRank, which improves visibility and thus profit for the organization. YouTube has been the most convenient search engine for customers worldwide because it gives the user the desired results. In addition, other search engines available use the YouTube style, so we focus on it. Thus, once the web page is optimized for YouTube, it will be optimized for other search engines.