The seventh assignment will require the student to complete the “Management Practices Survey assignment” by interviewing a line management individual from an organization using eleven open-ended questions that are based on major concepts which are presented throughout the course. The purpose of this assignment is to prompt the student to identify the extent that preferred risk management strategies are utilized in a given business / industrial entity. The major topical areas that these questions encompass include risk control management, performance measurement, worker compensation, OSHA, as well as accident reporting and analysis. This assignment will first require the student to arrange and subsequently conduct an interview with a management-based individual. The interview process may be conducted via phone, Skype, or else in-person. The survey document must not be simply emailed to the respective management individual in order to have him/her complete it. Please type the management individual’s answers within the provided Word document that is within the Assignments section of the Canvas instructional system. Once the interviewed individual’s answers have been typed into the respective spaces, you will then need to provide an honest assessment of how proactive the organization is from a risk management standpoint (see question 12) and also provide at least one realistic recommendation on how the organization can improve its risk management practices (see question 13). The student should be highly analytical as well as objective with regard to assessing the organization. An answer similar to “I believe that the company is doing a good job” is not adequate.


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