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2. Type your answers under each question.

3. Page break between each answer and question.

4. Use business-style writing.

5. Make sure you cite any support for your ideas.

6. Be detailed.

7. Answer the questions thoroughly.

8. Read and edit before submitting.

Discussion Questions:

1. Define diversity and inclusion, and explain the differences between the two. Also, discuss
three (3) benefits such concepts bring to a company. Be specific and give examples throughout your answer.

2. In interviewing for a job, you are asked: “What do you bring to the table that sets
you apart from other employees?” Using what you learned from this course
throughout the semester, how would you respond? Do you think others recognize
and appreciate the difference(s)? Why or why not? Be specific and give examples throughout your answer.

3. Using the two Diversity & Inclusion plan examples provided, explain the similarities and
differences in the attempt to address elements of an inclusive environment? If you were
part of the teams, what suggestions might you make to improve the plans? Be specific and give examples

4. In today’s data-driven world, why is it important for companies to measure outcomes and
impact of diversity and inclusion? Identify and explain three (3) key metrics in this process.
Using the examples, same as Q#3, what data would these companies disclosed and

5. Write a short essay on where you believe most companies stand on diversity and inclusion
efforts, and why. Be specific and give examples.