I need a marketing plan submitted for my made-up business.

After the plan is made, I need PowerPoint slides to match so I can present with speaking notes at the bottom.

I’ve completed most of it, please correct it… That means adding missing sections, adding colorful graphs, correcting and adding financial docs, etc. I will provide an example plan to follow. Please review the example as the plan need to look like that with content relevant to my business. I will provide what I have completed so far. You are to take what I completed and format it in APA and use the “Example” as your guide and use the rubric to make sure those things are prevalent in the plan and PowerPoint.

Please make sure you review the sample plan and the rubric that will be used for both the marketing plan and PowerPoint slide. If you have any doubts or questions, please ask them before getting too far in the work. If you don’t understand the task or need to reconfirm what you are doing, please ask.

No coursehero work and no plag.IF you are confused, please ask questions before starting.