the homework it is based on the video I upload the transcripts for the videos

it is 7 question . Limit each answer to 300 words or less. Note that some of the seven questions have multiple parts, so be sure to address all parts of each questions.

1.Suppose you are the Marketing Manager for a children’s clothing store and your boss asks you to put together a new customer retention marketing plan for the store, but she is willing to allocate only a small budget of $200 monthly to implement the plan (not counting your time and a few hours weekly of the sales clerks’ time). Outline and discuss the key elements of the plan you would propose, including a discussion of how you would spend the budget (Hint: Be specific).

2.Identify a marketing-oriented organization that operates in the Wichita area. The organization you select could be a small independently owned and operated one that you believe most students in your Mkt 801 class would be familiar with, or it could be a larger regional or national organization that has one or more locations (possibly including franchises) in the Wichita area. Then explain why the organization is marketing-oriented. (Hint: Note several reasons and be specific.)

3.Harry Gordon Selfridge is noted for asserting that “the customer is always right.” Do you agree with Selfridge? Why or why not? If you do not believe that the customer is always right, would you say that the customer is always something else, and if so, what is that “something else”?

4.Suppose you are a marketing consultant to small businesses and a prospective client approaches you but doesn’t seem to be interested in your consulting services. For example, he shares with you that he once spent $100 on a newspaper ad but didn’t see a single customer as a result of the ad. He goes on to say that he was glad he didn’t waste more money than the $100 and that he certainly does not want to waste any money in the future on marketing activities. What would you say to him to encourage him to reconsider his position?

5.Write two persuasive essays in response to the statement that follows – one agreeing with the statement and one disagreeing with the statement: Typically, customer retention represents both a greater challenge and a more relevant goal for service firms than for manufacturers.

6. Let’s say that you have a friend who has been a coffee producer for several years, selling ground coffee primarily to restaurants and convenience stores throughout southcentral Kansas. Given her experience with coffee, she has decided to open her own coffee shop, selling cups of fresh, hot coffee and possibly snacks, to retail customers who visit her location. Knowing that you’re a smart MBA student, she has asked for any comments or suggestions you might have regarding her new business venture. Accordingly, what would you say to her, especially with regard to what you’ve learned about services and service organizations in Mkt 801?

7, Some service scholars have argued that the traditional 4 P’s of the marketing mix (i.e., product, place, promotion and price) should be expanded to 7 P’s for service businesses – to include three additional P’s, namely personnel, process management and physical facilities. Others have argued that an expanded marketing mix for service businesses is not necessary. Accordingly, what is the case to be made in favor of an expanded marketing mix for services? What is the case against it? What is your opinion on the issue?