Match the “alphabetic letter” of supplied action to the RESULTING ERROR # and then describe briefly how you might avoid that particular error.

(a) poor slide washing =?

(b) heating fixing before the smear is completely air dry =?

(c) overheat fixing =?

(d) under heat fix at the edges =?

(e) forgetting to heat fix =?

(f) placing the “dime-size” Sharpie circle on the top of the slide =?

(g) making a “quarter-sized” Sharpie circle on the bottom of the clean slide =?

(h) adding too much water to the circle before the bacteria =?

(i) aiming the water rinse spray at the circle =?

(j) rinsing too little after a pigment =?

(k) using too little water before the bacteria =?

(l) laying down your loop or top on the lab bench surface =?

(m) too thin of a smear =?

(n) picking up the agar instead of the bacterial film =?

(o) going too far down the slant for a sample =?

(p) picking up a sample from the tip of the agar slant =?

(q) too thick of a smear =?

(r) placing your tube on a table top =?

(s) failure to wear PPE =?

(t) picking up a test-tube by its top =?

(u) failure to spray disinfectant on spills or failing to wash you hands and disinfect the table top before and after lab =?

(v) failure to stain a smear for visualization under the microscope =?

(w) failure to add “oil” to the smear prep before viewing at 10X =?

(x) failure to add “oil” to the smear prep before viewing at 100X =?

(y) too little time on a secondary stain =?

(z) too much time on a secondary stain =?

(aa) too hot a loop before adding bacteria to the water =?

(bb) too long a time when “heating” a primary stain =?

(cc) too short a time when “heating” a primary stain =?

(dd) too long a time with alcohol solution =?

(ee) starting focusing with the stage down =?

(ff) using the course focus knob on 100X =?

(gg) not scanning the circled prep area entirely on 10X before going to 100x =?”

(hh) beginning focusing on 40X =?

(ii) beginning focusing on 100X =?

(jj) turning the course/fine adjustment knob “further” than the stop point =?

(kk) failing to raise the condenser =?

(ll) failing to lower the condenser before storage =?

(mm) failing to clean the oil off the 40X & 100X objective =?

(nn) using paper towels on the objectives =?

(oo) not placing the “bacteria” seen at 10X at the end of the pointer before going to 100X =?

(pp) having the condenser down, and iris wide open at high power =?

(qq) “slippery suds” while washing a slide =?

(rr) adding oil to a slide before blotting =?

(ss) light too low =?

(tt) iris closed =?

(uu) slide not “seated” in the clip =?

(vv) objective not “clicked” into place =?

(ww) plugging the scope in before checking the power level =?

(xx) see a perfectly stained cell outside the Sharpie circle =?


1) dangerous microbes in your work area

2) contamination

3) exposure to unknown microbes

4) nothing is seen when the smear is stained and viewed at 100X

5) SIN! results in CHUNKING

6) “halos” around the bateria when the smear is stained and viewed at 100X

7) light cannot penetrate when the smear is stained and viewed at 100X

8) pieces not cells when the smear is stained and viewed at 100X

9) floating “squares” when the smear is stained and viewed at 100X

10) material placed in the smear circle won’t dissolve in water for air drying; won’t stain

11) appear misshapen with like a car “tire-track” when the smear is stained and viewed at 100X

12) won’t focus at 100X

13) breakage=danger

14) exploded cells

15) damage the scope

16) it will “TAKE ALL DAY!”

17) potential to damage the scope and break the slide

18) scratch the glass

19) too dark

20) flare

21) floating bubbles

22) fuzzy view

23) no color

24) wrong color

25) cells flow past like in a river

26) blow the bulb

27) no cells/nothing seen

28) glass, endospores, cells, cell pieces all the color of the primary stain

29) see BLACK

30) no effect

(31) you can’t see just 1 you see stacks and piles of bacteria but no shape

(32) misinterpret the result after proper staining