you will select One Case Study from the following the three and answer all the questions at the end of the case study you selected from the Case Study folder under Content: I’m doing the

  1. Nike Just Do It 2018
    • CASE ANALYSIS PAPER (20%: 1 X 20 =200) For the analysis paper, your assignment will be to identify a case in media ethics in which you would have acted differently from the media practitioner(s) at the center of it. The paper should be organized in a way that makes clear how you will answer the six major questions from Doing Ethics in Media:
      1. What’s your problem? Briefly describe the case. (You may attach a published blog, article, case study, or news story as a link or as an appendix for background.) Spell out what makes this situation a moral dilemma. Leave yourself with a clearly stated question to be answered.
      2. Why not follow the rules? Are there some precedents, guidelines, codes, or laws you should keep in mind? If so, are there reasons your dilemma can’t be resolved by them?
      3. Who wins, who loses? Who are the stakeholders, and what impact is your decision likely to have on each of them in the short term and in the long term?
      4. What’s it worth? Prioritize your values—both moral and non-moral values—and decide which one(s) you won’t compromise.
      5. Who’s whispering in your ear? In general—and specifically in this case—which school of philosophy or set of moral principles provides you with a moral compass?
      6. How’s your decision going to look? State your conclusion, and imagine what your friends and people you respect will think about your decision-making. As a guideline for length, each section of the paper should be about 1-2 pages, for a total length of about 6-12 pages. I recommend thinking of your paper topic near the beginning of the semester so that you can think through the questions as they come up for discussion during the semester. You might then be able to draft sections of the paper as we go.
  2. Please note: You must include references in APA Style at the end of the Analysis Paper